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Prom Dresses

Emily’s Boutique Is Proud to Be Denver’s Trusted Name in Beautiful, Affordable Prom Dresses, Since 2005

Between all the different styles, colors, and silhouettes that are out there, choosing a prom dress can feel overwhelming in the early stages. Not to worry—Emily’s Boutique to the rescue! Color, remember, usually represents the personality of the individual wearing it. A bright red dress, for example, calls to mind a person who is bold and the center of attention, while black might suggest a certain degree of sophistication. Your individual choice will depend on several factors, such as body type, skin tone, face shape, hairstyle, and makeup choice. Ultimately, though, your choice should include comfort and appearance in equal measure. You’re in luck—Emily’s Boutique offers a selection that ensures you’ll get both form and function! Shopping doesn’t have to be a headache and finding your dream look is made simple with our collection. Whether you’re looking for a particular cut in satin, silk, nylon, rayon, or cotton, Emily’s Boutique is bound to have a close replica of what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye. Subtle or shimmering—Queen Anne, Empire, V-neck, sweetheart or scoop neckline, our selection is boundless!

Our team recommends beginning the process by simply flipping through magazines and searching online to see what kind of dress you are most attracted to. Note: you probably don’t want to purchase this way because when it comes to your prom dress, the fit is everything! So you’ll want to shop in-store when the time comes. Make certain to add extras to your budget for smaller items such as pantyhose, new makeup and hair clips, or other accessories, like a purse that complements the rest of your look. Here in Denver, Emily’s Boutique is among the best-reviewed stores for unforgettable prom dresses.

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