Your special day is equally special for us. We assure you that we will make every ceremony absolutely beautiful and memorable.


Emily’s Boutique Is Proud to Be Denver’s Trusted Name in Adorable Baptism Gowns, Since 2005

Your child’s baptism is shared with your immediate friends and family. It also connects you to past and future generations through the clothing, traditions, hopes, memories, and prayers. The staff at Emily’s Boutique responds with complete knowledge of all that’s available. Whether you’re looking for silk, satin, cotton, or organza, we’re here to make sure your child’s baptism is all you’ve envisioned it to be. With a wide variety of baptism gowns, your child’s beautiful garments can even be paired with adorable hats and headbands for a complete occasion-ready look.

At Emily’s Boutique, we take pride in helping the Denver community get their children ready for their christening or baptism. In addition to our complete line of baptism gowns, our christening accessories include hats and bonnets as well as blankets, bibs, and towels (these look great monogrammed), diaper covers, socks, shoes, tights, headbands, bows, and personalized baby bracelets or charms.

Whatever christening clothing you choose for your baby, be sure to protect it. The staff at Emily’s Boutique is happy to help with plenty of tips for preserving your christening and baptism apparel for generations to come. If you choose to hand-wash your items, use a very mild detergent and avoid bleaches, starches, and fabric softeners. Water, heat, and detergents can all affect the shape and color of materials so wash with caution, and rinse thoroughly! Once clean and dry, wrap the item with acid-free tissue paper and either place it in a non-airtight cardboard box lined with acid-free paper or hang it in a 100% Muslin Cotton Garment Bag. In the end, storing the garments completely flat is your best option, since creases and folds over time can weaken fabrics and hanging can stretch fabrics, but stuffing with proper acid-free tissue paper can protect it and help the garment better maintain its original shape.

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